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How To Choose The Best Spoon For Your Bar?

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Choosing the Best Bar Spoon For You
Here are some tips for choosing a great bar spoon: 
Unless you have a specific reason to use them, a “fork” or “muddler” end will probably not buy you much. So you may as well choose the one that looks nicest to you!Go for weight. A heavier spoon is easier to stir (counter-intuitive, I know) and quieter. This is the #1 reason I avoid cheap spoons, because they are thin and light.Choose your length carefully. Any chance you’ll be double stirring? Go for a longer spoon to leave the option open. Unless it’s important that the spoon fits in your bag – those 18″ spoons can really get in the wayIf at all possible, get a spoon that’s advertised as having a 1ml bowl.Otherwise your volume may be way off.Spiral or smooth handle? Good question! If you have never used a bar spoon before and you’re not looking to bartend professionally, I’d recommend a smooth handle. It’s easier for beginners and requires no practice. If you’re a pro (or looking to become one), try a spiral spoon and give it some practice. Some bartenders swear the spiral helps them stir. (If you’re not sure, go for one Bar Spoon of each!)

How’s it Stirring?
That’s a wrap! Hopefully this article has given you all of the information you ever possibly wanted to know about bar spoons. If you still haven’t chosen a spoon for your own bar, I’d like to humbly suggest our very own set – custom designed to be comfortable, balanced, and downright good looking (if I do say so myself!)

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